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  • Fri 15 Dec 2017

    WIPO LEX NEWS - Uruguay

    The Decree No. 295 of October 16, 2017, on the Implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty approved by Law No. 19.262, regarding the Exceptions to Copyright for the Benefit of Persons with Disabilities entered into force on October 24, 2017. This Decree transposes the provisions of the Marrakesh Treaty to the national copyright legislation.
  • Fri 15 Dec 2017

    WIPO Lex News - Poland

    The Act of June 8, 2017, amending the Act on the Legal Protection of Plant Varieties entered into force on July 11, 2017.
  • Tue 14 Nov 2017

    “International” trade mark system

    New adherences: Thailand and Cambodia To come: Indonesia The “international” trade mark system (otherwise called “agreement and protocol system of Madrid”) shall cover in the near future 116 countries, ensuring more than 80% of the global trade.
  • Mon 13 Nov 2017

    The legislative reform package for the European Union trade mark

    The second wave of modifications generated by the amended European Trade Mark Regulation (EMR) applies starting with October 1, 2017. In addition to the changes relative to the procedure rules in relation with the contradictions, the cancellations and the appeals, the main amendments for the deponents are the following:
  • Thu 09 Nov 2017

    International Destination Forum - November 9, 2017

    International Destination Forum – November 9, 2017   IPSIDE, in partnership with other councils, will represent the CNCPI at the 11th edition of the International Destination Forum, which will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at the Pierre Baudis Congress Center in Toulouse. This forum is primarily intended for all leaders of Occitania. For further information, dedicated site of the event, click here
  • Thu 05 Oct 2017

    October 5, 2017 – 9th edition International Connecting Day

    The 9th edition of the International Connecting Day, ICD, designed by CCI Nantes, St-Nazaire and their partners took place on Thursday, October 5, 2017.
  • Fri 22 Sep 2017

    IPSIDE a organisé à Chengdu « the International Intellectual Property Conference ». (2)

    On September 8 in Gaoxin District, Chengdu, IPSIDE organized with the Chengdu High-Tech Zone Intellectual Property Service Alliance "the International Intellectual Property Conference". At this conference, Gwendal BARBAULT made a presentation on "THE PROTECTION AND DEFENSE OF TRADEMARKS IN EUROPE" and the seizure for counterfeiting "The saisie-contrefaçon" . To close this event, IPSIDE has offered a banquet at "China's Lane (Kuan-zhai Lane)" in honor of the guests for the success of the seminar.
  • Wed 06 Sep 2017

    Conference of Gwendal BARBAULT in Hangzhou

    Gwendal BARBAUT- Lawyer of IPSIDE Avocats - held a conference on the seizure for counterfeiting to a group of about thirty companies reunited by the Hangzhou Sci-Tech future IP city administration.
  • Wed 06 Sep 2017

    Signature cooperation agreements between IPSIDE and Centre of research and intellectual property services of Zhejiang Province

    On September 6, at Technology Market of Hangzhou. The Alliance Française of the intellectual property service of Zhejiang Province has organized a training for the company, Christophe CORNUEJOLS (President of IPSIDE) gave a conference on "Making money from a patent portfolio" and Gwendal BARBAUT(Lawyer of IPSIDE AVOCATS) made a presentation on "PROTECTION AND DEFENSE OF TRADEMARKS IN EUROPE" and the seizure for counterfeiting "The saisie-contrefaçon". At this meeting, a strategic cooperation agreement between IPSIDE and the Center of research and intellectual property services of Zhejiang Province was signed.
  • Wed 06 Sep 2017

    8th edition of PIAC - Beijing - China

    IPSIDE was present at the 8th edition of the PIAC (Patent Information Annual Conference of China) on September 5 and 6, 2017, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. On this occasion, Christophe CORNUEJOLS (President of IPSIDE), Gwendal BARBAUT(Lawyer of IPSIDE AVOCATS), Zhanjun WANG(Patent Engineer of IPSIDE CHINA) and Xi CHENG(Manager of IPSIDE CHINA), were present to give advice on intellectual property to visitors, and answer their different questions.
  • Tue 05 Sep 2017

    On September 4, 2017, conference in Haidian district

    The Intellectual Property Office of Haidian district (The Haidian district is home to the dynamic Zhongguancun Technology Park parc technologique de Zhongguancun) has organized a training for the company on September 4, 2017, from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. Christophe CORNUEJOLS gave a conference on "Making money from a patent portfolio", and Gwendal BARBAUT gave a presentation on "PROTECTION AND DEFENSE OF TRADEMARKS IN EUROPE" and the seizure for counterfeiting "The saisie-contrefaçon".
  • Thu 22 Jun 2017

    Best French IP Firm

    We are pleased to announce that IPSIDE firm has received the Silver Trophy in the category "Best French IP firm" at the 10th edition of "International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards" (ILASA), which was attended by over 450 participants from around the world.
  • Mon 12 Sep 2016

    The patentability of programs with the European Patent Office

    The European Patent Convention (EPC) does not define the term "invention", but defines a certain number of elements or activities, including computer programs, which are not considered as inventions and are therefore excluded from the field of patentability.
  • Mon 11 Jul 2016


    In the referendum of 23 June last, the British people decided to leave the EU, which will affect the future of patents in Europe.
  • Mon 11 Jul 2016


     On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom said “yes” to a Brexit. This withdrawal of the UK shall inevitably have repercussions on European intellectual property titles.
  • Mon 11 Apr 2016


    Because domain names allow companies to position themselves in a competitive space and differentiate themselves from other economic players in the sector just like brands, the IPSIDE firm has recently launched a domain names and Digital department.

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